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Electro Electronic Store wordpress Theme Review

Electro electronic Store wordpress theme

Electro Electronic Store wordpress Theme 

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Electro Premium Original Theme

Electro theme is a beautiful and lively theme for online electronics stores.  It is clearly designed, creating a breeze to navigate the template and most of the text basically makes it easy to read.  Overall, this is a sharp design for an ecommerce store.

  Like most of the themes you'll find in this list, there's a section menu featuring Amazon on the left side of the Electro page.  Amazon originally invented this design convention and copying it is a great idea because even new visitors can learn how to use it and what to expect.

  This electronics store WordPress theme has three different homepage designs, four predefined title styles, nine color schemes and nine more predefined page templates.  It gives you a ton of flexibility to control the style and composition of your website.  In addition, WooCommerce integration is handled perfectly, and both the product page and the category page look amazing.

Electro Theme Design review

Electro Theme Design review

  Design is an essential criterion for a theme because it makes an important contribution to converting a visitor into a lead.  Design is the thing that makes the first impression of most visitors.

  As a WooCommerce theme, Electro has an elegant look with a beautiful user interface.  While the combination of white and yellow seems perfect for an online shop, you can change the color to suit your needs from nine different color schemes.  You can choose the design of your homepage from the five pre-built homepage structures, or you can create your own by supporting Element Themes.

  Electro has all the functions that a WooCommerce website needs to have.  The developer used an underscore framework to create themes.  You can easily add custom CSS and import / export customization options.

Mobile User friendly 

Mobile User friendly electronic Store theme

In recent times, every website should be mobile-friendly because people prefer to use mobile phones for browsing more than desktops or laptops.  We test the mobile compatibility of a WordPress theme to see how the theme behaves on mobile devices.

  Electro works on surprisingly simple devices.  As we mentioned earlier, this theme has two different dedicated mobile UIs, you can choose one to use, or combine them as you need.  All product blocks are nicely placed.  The theme in the mobile version looks very nice.  You can quickly search for any product from the Mega Responsive menu and see the details without any hassle.

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